Brisbane Boys' College has a number of policies designed to ensure the wellbeing and safety of students, staff and the wider College community.

The Presbyterian and Methodist Schools' Association (PMSA)

The Presbyterian and Methodist Schools' Association (PMSA), an association of the Uniting Church in Australia and the Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Queensland, was established in 1918 under an Act of Parliament.

The Association is responsible for the overall administration of four independent schools: Brisbane Boys' College, Clayfield College, Somerville House and Sunshine Coast Grammar School and is the Churches' involvement in education in independent schools.

The PMSA Council is responsible for the philosophy, policy and management of Brisbane Boys' College and its related schools. For further information, please contact the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools' Association (PMSA)

Brisbane Boys' College Council

Brisbane Boys' College Council is a sub-committee of the PMSA, and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the College according to PMSA guidelines.

Present BBC Council members are:

  • Mrs Jacqueline McPherson - Chairman
  • Mr Jim Demack
  • Mr Richard Niessl
  • Mr John Down
  • Mr Mark Gray
  • Mr Vaughan Henry
  • Dr Marion Tower

Annual Report

2017 Annual Report (based on 2016 data)

BBC Policies

Privacy Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

Student Behaviour Management Guidelines

Student Discipline Policy and Procedures

Bullying Action Report - Online Submission

Student Anti-Discrimination Policy

Student Disability Policy

Alcohol, Smoking Products and Illicit Drugs (Student) Policy

2017 PMSA Teacher Education Scholarships Prospectus

Work Health and Safety Policy

Complaints Policy and Procedure

Incident, Injury, Hazard and Near Miss Reporting and Recording Procedures

Sun Safety Guidelines

Family Law Policy

PMSA Policies

To view all PMSA policies please click here.

PMSA Corporate Travel Policy Summary of Cover

PMSA Corporate Travel Policy

PMSA Child Protection Policy

PMSA Child Protection Risk Management Strategy

PMSA Alleged Abuse of Former Students Policy

Department of Justice and Attorney-General - Blue Card Services